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Promotional Shows...

Multi-Media Shows

Web-Xpressions can help sell your corporate story or promote your organization. We can use text slides, video clips or audio clips with either your images and content or those taken by Web-Xpressions.
We can help you preserve your memories for a lifetime. For travel organizations, we can help you promote your tours. Professional photos are a plus but you will be amazed how good even amateur photos can look with movement and music.
Special Events...
Preserve memories of a special occasion. Create a tribute to a lost loved one. Content can be created as multi-media shows, fine art books, or traditional prints.
Family Histories
Use those old photos to create an entertaining and informative family history. Preserve memories for future generations. Incorporate your favorite music tracks from each period. Annotate with names and dates.
We can capture your memories and create wonderfully entertaining multi-media shows of the most important day of your life. These are appreciated by family and friends so much more than a few prints or hundreds of photos on a disk. Fine art books, prints and framed prints are also available.
Family Memories...
Most of us have all sorts of pictures... in shoe boxes, on our hard drive, or maybe still sitting on our camera's memory chip. A slide show put to music with annotations, movement and special effects will be something that your family and friends will truly enjoy.
Note: Viewing these multi-media samples requires requires running an ActiveX control to install a browser plug-in from Photodex Corportation, similar to Adobe Flash Player. Unlike Adobe Flash, it provides faster loading and higher resolution viewing. If your browser does not currently have this plug-in, you will  be prompted to install it when you click on the thumbnail. 
This plug-in is guaranteed to be safe by Photodex. If you wish to learn more, click here.
Golf Events...
Charitable events or corporate outings... We create entertaining memories that can be posted to your web site.
Check out Joe & Sharon Manone's Birthday Bash
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4th of July Fireworks show...
Just Fun!!!  Crank up the sound and enjoy a fireworks show on the Milwaukee Lakefront July 3rd, 2008. Set to patriotic John Phillip Sousa music and fireworks recordings.
Multi-media shows can be created in a variety of formats including Flash, Youtube, High Definition, etc. to create a very compelling and informative story or presentation. Photos, video clips and other sources can be used to create your video. Inform your customers, sell ideas, promote events or preserve memories.