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Web-Xpressions' and PayJunction's E-Commerce solutions can handle simple or complex e-commerce needs.   You can increase sales and profits... without breaking the bank!
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Product Overview

The QuickShop® is a turn-key solution that enables businesses to sell products through their website. PayJunction's QuickShop will cover everything you need in one simple product.

Any designer that can create a simple web page has the technical capability to add real time sales to their site. Generally, the QuickShop can be activated in a matter of minutes.

Once enabled, an administrator can set up the parameters of shopping cart capabilities. End users can simply utilize the shopping cart to select items for sales, track items, add items, delete items, and total items for purchase. The QuickLink® engine adds e-commerce to a website immediately, where normal development of a shopping cart for a company's web site could take months.

Shoppers may view the contents of their shopping cart at any time and may add or delete items as needed. The program automatically calculates the subtotal, sales tax, shipping charges, and grand total. When a visitor decides to checkout, the order information including the buyer's name, address and billing instruction is emailed to your order department (or whomever you choose) and a receipt is sent to the shopper.


PayJunction uses the HTTPS via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect all transactions through the QuickShop system. As a customer enters personal information (such as your credit card number or address and phone number), SSL encodes all of the information for transmission.With the QuickShop system you save approximately $500.00 by not having to purchase a security certificate for your web servers.

Credit Card Fraud Protection

QuickShop comes standard with complete credit card fraud management functionality that effectively detect fraud and optimize operating efficiency in 'card-not-present' web sales operations. This functionality allows you to implement a comprehensive risk management system or start with individual components.

Payer Authentication
Gives online merchants the ability to verify a credit cardholder's identity to increase payment security and decrease fraud.


·         Complete shopping-cart system.

·        Secure check-out page.

·         Free Merchant account.

·        Web based real-time accounting of transactions.

·         Fraud protection via (AVS) and (CVV2) settings.

·         Instant functional updates.

Custom programming upon request.
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