About Dennis Raschke, Web Designer, Photographer and Graphic Artist
Websites, Promotions and Custom Projects:
In today's tough economony, you need every advantage possible to be successful and achieve your goals. Web-Xpressions can help make it happen.  We offer free consultation on any proposed project. This meeting will determine the project's objectives, scope and preliminary budget. We will work with you closely to provide the best value for your project. As a follow-up to this meeting, a formal plan and proposal with a budget will be provided.
Design Process:
An interview process will determine your design and image goals. We can also help your organize and word your message if necessary. Following the interview, one to three draft templates will be presented. After appropriate modifications have been made to the final accepted design template, the rest of your site will be developed.
You will participate in the the review and approval of every page, assuring your happiness with the final product.

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